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Cabinet Tip

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1. After the cabinet doors are hung and the job is complete. It takes 7 days for the finish to cure but 30 days to completely harden. So just be careful with handling the new cabinets and don't wipe with any water or cleaner in those first 7 days.

"Restoring old cabinets like new"

Welcome to J.Colbert Painting

At J.Colbert Painting we specialize in restoring old kitchen cabinets using various faux techniques and applications. Whether you want your older cabinets re-stained with a new stain and finish or a completely new look, we can accommodate most any style. Before any job is started a sample cabinet will be made for the customers final approval. For any questions or a free estimate use the Contact Page or just call Judd Harms @ 913-238-8119 .


Much of the work is done by hand layer upon layer. We use all water base products except for the occasional stained cabinet that needs an oil base primer. Our commercial grade finishes can be selected in any sheen needed. This application provides a beautiful factory grade finish. Usually most of the work is done on site. Sometimes this is not possible. So the doors are finished at our shop. But doing all the work on site does cut down on cost and minimizes damage while transporting doors.


A medium sized set of cabinets take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete. This also depends on the style. The more layers needed the longer the process. But overall a good average is 2 weeks.


All cabinet jobs start with cleaning and sanding. The sanding is minimal and any dust accumulation will be concentrated in the kitchen area. During this time the homeowner may have access to use the kitchen but may at times be limited. After cleaning and sanding depending upon the style, the different layers are applied. Some styles may need up to 10 layers. Then the finish coats are finally applied and the cabinet doors are hung. If a customer wants new hinges and pulls this will need to be arranged before we start. This is to make sure the new hinges fit and we can cover any existing holes from the old hinges.